Saturday, 20 December 2014

Winter Beauty Haul (Seoul + Shanghai DF)

I'll spam pictures first, reviews to come later! Much excites hehehehe language is failing me

Skincare Haul

Makeup Haul

My first foray into falsies!

tried both out already and the verdict: they work pretty damn well!

Old and new loves - the red Play 101 pencil doubles up as a really good and blendable blush!

My best discovery: Glossy Blaster Tints from Too Cool for School!

Hair oils to kickstart the rescue mission for my hair


less significant, but still free :P

Shanghai Pudong Airport Duty Free Loot - Dior is dirt cheap in Shanghai

Monday, 24 November 2014

Quick review of Inglot Freedom System 3-pan Palette

This post is so backdated, first drafted this... 2 months ago? Anyway, there you go! With closeup shots and a mini review!

Wahaha this is my only loot from JB! Went there mainly to eat seafood with my classmates so I didn't really get to shop to my heart's content :( We were only in the mall for 2 hours after our meal at a street restaurant?

From Left to Right: 463 DS, 117 R, 63 AMC

Got a 3-pan palette with mirror this time round, LOVE this set up so much for the convenience! This is my go-to palette now for a quick everyday look. I take the shimmering nude all over my lids (I love how glittery it is!), then go closer to the lash line with the browns and finish up with the black as a liner. The centre brown shade doubles up as my eyebrow colour, which makes this palette legit double-duty goodness. LURRRVE.

MAC Lipsticks! Swatches and Review

Got sucked into a dangerous addiction a few months ago. Started with 1 and now.... I have 4. They're 30 a pop, so it's quite an uh investment. lol. Especially since I'll be going to Korea soon, and have no legit reason to buy any makeup before I go crazy there. BUT WHATEVER OKAY. Here they are:

Swatch Set 1 (from Top to Bottom): Lickable, Fanfare, Chatterbox, Brave Red.

Swatch Set 2, from a slightly different angle
First of all, I am super tanned now after my diving trip (LOL okay in comparison to my previous skintone, not other people okay. I'm still the fairest wherever I go, somehow), with my arms disproportionately darker than my face haha I look like a mess. 

On to the lipsticks review! 

I swatched each lipstick twice; the one on top is with multiple swipes, and the one on the bottom is 1 swipe. In the order from top to bottom:

Lickable (cremesheen): my very first MAC lipstick. Out of the 4 shades I got, I like this one the most. I got a slight panic attack after I recalled that I have a Revlon Colourburst lipbalm stain that's REALLY similar in colour to this, but heh, after swatching them side by side, the difference was still big enough to justify this purchase, so all's well. It's so so perfect as a perk me up colour! Really creamy, yet stays for at least 4 hours I SWEAR, and fades to leave an even stain. This impressed me so much that I went on to get...
Fanfare (cremesheen): wanted this as a MLBB kinda thing, you know, on days that I just need to look alive and not look too made up. This is the colour I go to when I want to look as make up free as I can get away with. Was rather disappointed with the texture of this though, it's definitely the less creamy out of the 4 I've got, despite it being a cremesheen formula. Tbh, it highlights how dry my lips are! I definitely have to load up on lip balm before I feel it's safe to apply this.
Chatterbox (amplified): This is the one that made me swear to not get another lipstick until... after Korea at least! This is a rather barbie pink kinda shade, for days that I feel especially girly heh. I LOVE the formula, it's so freaking intensely pigmented and flattering on the lips to boot. 
Brave Red (cremesheen): Then a Sephora 30% off sale swung by, and I got enticed by this gorgeous red. My first ever red lipstick! It's not bright, attention-grabbing, but rather, a more...understated red? It leans pink. Think less hooker, and more sophisticated. Definitely wearable. The formula wore perfectly on my lips as well, no complaints here!
In order of preference, I think I would go with Lickable > Chatterbox > Brave Red > Fanfare. That said, I do like all of them!!!! My expensive babies!!!

Friday, 5 September 2014

L'oreal Colour Riche Extraordinaire

This is such an overdue post! I got these L'oreal Colour Riche Extraordinaire lipglosses in 4 colours when I was in Seattle.

I daresay, they are the most long-lasting lip colour I own, they fade evenly, and  paired with a good lip balm, they do not slip and do not dry my lips out nor accentuate my dry lips! They look really lush and glossy on the lips. I love how pigmented they are too!

From Top to Bottom: 303, 202, 201, 101
Rouge Allegro 303: a reddish-pink that looks quite bold. It matches quite well with simple eye makeup and light application of either coral/pink blush.

Coral Encore 202: a gorgeous coral shade that is very suitable as an everyday lip colour for school - I use this the most often, especially because it goes well with my NYX Cream Blush in Rose Petal!

Rose Symphony 201: a rose-pink that goes well with my Clinique Cheek Pop in Plum Pop. It's a sweet looking colour that's not too overwhelming.

Rose Melody 101: a really light baby-pink shade that is perfect for the nude-lip look when I emphasise my eye-makeup and want to tone down the rest of my face.

The glosses all contain micro-shimmer that's not chunky or too noticeable but instead, just helps create a nice glittery effect when viewed closed-up.

The applicator reminds me of those found with YSL Glossy Stains! Rectangular, and tapered at the tip.

I really enjoy using the applicator: it dispenses and spreads the lipgloss evenly, and is just the right size and shape to manipulate. The scent of the lipglosses bother me a little though. It's a rather faint floral(?) scent that definitely fades after a while, but still, something to note. With regards to the texture, it is definitely not as goopy as the Maybelline Colour Elixirs, but not as watery as the YSL Glossy Stains (review coming up in just a bit!). It feels slightly tacky for the first few minutes you have it on, but after that it's all good.

In comparison to my other favourite, the NYX Butter Glosses, the NYX ones are definitely more nourishing and moisturising. However, the stain that these L'oreal babies leave on my lips last waaaay longer than the NYX ones. The NYX Butter Glosses typically last 3 hours before I have to re-apply, while I can go 4-6 hours before having to re-apply the L'oreal Colour Extraordinare glosses.

It's such a pity that these aren't available in Singapore!!! I totally regret not buying more...but then again... hehehehe I have more than enough lip products already :P

Friday, 29 August 2014

Favourite Face Brushes

My loves:

Real Techniques Buffing Brush
The Real Techniques Buffing Brush is part of the Core Collection Set (which is a MUST-GET because every single brush in it is good, especially the lip/concealer brush). It's the perfect size, not too small and not too big, very dense as you can see from the picture which makes it absolutely great for mineral powder. I use it to buff in liquid foundation such as the Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream, or to apply my mineral foundation, the Tarte Airbrush Foundation. The brush helps to spread product evenly, and is rather gentle on my skin as I work it all over my face. Definitely THE foundation brush to buy!

Real Techniques Stippling Brush

The Real Techniques Stippling Brush is a more recent purchase (I bought the Core Collection Set last summer?). In this short time that I've had it, I've been using it almost every single day to apply my blush. It picks up cream blushes like the NYX offering so effortlessly, and can be used with the Clinique Cheek Pop blushes too even though that one's a powder. I haven't been tempted to try using it as a foundation brush yet, given how well my Real Techniques Buffing Brush's been performing. Maybe I'll give it a whirl for that purpose soon, just to test it out?

Real Techniques Setting Brush
THIS IS THE BOMBBBBB. The Real Techniques Setting Brush is an absolute gem in my brush collection. After I'm done with my foundation and concealer, I use this brush to gently tap on my setting powder, currently the Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder, on my T-zone and chin. Previously a subscriber to setting with a powder puff, I've become a total convert - the brush applies a light layer of powder without disturbing my makeup AT ALL. Amazing.

P.S: the brushes all look a lil' dirty heh, I know. Proves that I've been using them frequently!! They actually all have white tips. All three featured are synthetic by the way, as with all Real Techniques brushes.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Daily School Makeup

Preface: The picture makes everything look more yellow than irl.

Face: bare, except concealer (Collection Lasting Perfection Longwear Concealer 01) on my chin pimple. Short review for the concealer: the lightest shade is a little too pinkish for my skin, but so far I really enjoy using it! It's creamy on application, but dries to a matte and impenetrable finish. I've been reaching out for it the most recently!

Eyebrows: I'm been loving MAC Eyeshadow in Concrete ever since I got it in Vancouver along with the MAC 208 brush. I'm a total convert to powder products for my brows now; they look more realistic and natural than pencil/liquid brow products?

Eyes: Clio Kill Black Brush Liner (oops, was trying to draw my eyeline downwards, but it ended up being a little crooked), MAC Wedge and Grain on my lids.

Cheeks: I am a total fan of the NYX Cream Blush in Rose Petal!!! SUCH a gorgeously natural-looking shade, and it gives my cheeks a glow due to its texture! I mentioned in a previous post that my skin seems sensitive to the formula, but I've had no problems whatsoever with it recently! Alternatively, I've been using the Clinique Cheek Pop in Peach Pop a whole lot as well.

Lips: My baby, the YSL Glossy Stain Rebel Nudes in Pink Taboo 103. It's a pretty watermelon-pink, and is quite similar in colour to the NYX Butter Gloss in Peach Cobbler. This contains subtle micro-glitter that endows the lips with a beautiful shimmery glow. I love it! One thing to note though: the YSL Glossy Stains leaves a film of product on the lips rather than really being absorbed by the lips it seems... I haven't really been impressed with its staying power compared to, say, the L'oreal Colour Extraordinaire Glosses.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

My daily MAC quad

Wow this photo is as colour accurate as it gets. Taken with my new camera, Canon S120! Clockwise L-R: Concrete, Wedge, Blanc Type, Grain.

Just wanted to do a quick post about what I've noticed myself consistently using. I actually transferred these 4 colours in particular to my MAC quad that I was reserving to be used on trips as my travel eyeshadow palette.

They are: Concrete (used for my eyebrows and to line my lower lashline), Wedge (to bring warmth to my crease area and to create a slight shadow), Grain (swept over the front half of my lids, and used to highlight the inner corner so as to brighten up my eyes!), Blanc Type (my favourite brow bone highlight that simultaneously cleans up my look if I bring Wedge too high up).

Together, they create a very everyday, casual eye-look that's appropriate for school and whenever I'm lazy to think of what eyeshadows to use. Basically my default combination!

I really love all 4 of these eyeshadows, and definitely highly recommend them for beginners :) Swatches available in my previous posts!

Saturday, 2 August 2014

LUSH face masks! - Oatifix and Catastrophe Cosmetic

First things first: these are like $8 in canada and $20+ in Singapore lolol omg I feel such a sense of accomplishment!!! 

The masks are okay, they certainly don't do miracles. Oatifix targets dryness, while Catastrophe Cosmetic is supposed to be a mild remedy to combat acne/breakouts. Both worked for me, but I wasn't wowed by the results. For instance, Catastrophe Cosmetic DID help reduce the redness of new and old zits, but I felt that it didn't do anything substantial to alleviate the situation - the zits remained. Oatifix is a real treat for my face; it always leaves my skin feeling utterly nourished and supple!

In any case, these masks are really enjoyable, especially since they HAVE to be kept in the fridge which leads to them being soothingly-icy on the face when you apply them. I also like the fact that given their shelf life of about 3 weeks, you are forced to not be lazy and just use them every other day. Oh oh, and I love their policy of giving a free face mask for every 5 tubs returned?? Damn I should have spent more time in Canada :P

However, given the stark price difference, I'd certainly not buy them when I'm in Singapore :/

LUSH Popcorn Lip Scrub

I've been using this product for more than a year now? This is actually my 2nd jar, since the 1st jar expired in May I bought another one while I was in Canada. This seems to last and last, I don't think anyone can actually finish it up before its expiry date. 

You only need to pick up the teeniest amount with the nub of your little finger, then exfoliate your lips with it. If you're into lip scrubs, you can actually lick up the excess. It has a salty sweetness to it. However, I've not been keen to do that at all, just grosses me out :P

I like using this scrub once a week. Lip scrubs are important to me because my lips are dry, yet I like bold lip colours. This combination can lead to disastrously attention-seeking flaky lips, so I'm grateful to LUSH for such a inexpensive and effective product that helps prevent that. After doing the lip scrub, I condition my lips with my favourite Kiehl's lip balm if I'm applying lipstick. At the moment, I'm a total lip gloss convert though, so I'd apply NYX butter glosses right after the lip scrub since they're so moisturising anyway.

The lip scrub cost me CAD $7 or $9 I think, which converts to sgd $10. This product is available in Singapore for $20+. Hehehehe score!!! 

Skincare Routine

My skin's finally been clearing up! I've been having huge zits pop up continuously, one after another, for a few months? Actually a whole year I think. I used to have such good skin, tight pores, smooth normal skin with the very very occasional zit which pops out during exam season. Sigh.

According to my dermatologist, the change in my skin condition can be attributed to my skin having been subjected to sudden changes in climate (since I've been overseas quite a bit these few years). My diet has also changed - I went from only eating simple and light dishes to craving for spicy food all the time, especially after I returned from Korea.

My skin right now:

  • dry-normal
  • pores are starting to look bigger - I'M AGING AND MY SKIN IS LOOSENING UP :(
  • dry lips that need to be taken care of to prevent my lip eczema from returning
  • some mini and negligible bumps on my forehead and chin -- a huge improvement from before
I think the improvement can be credited to Hado Labo, cus that's all I've been using recently: Hydrating face wash, followed by the Hydrating lotion and finally the Arbutin Whitening milk. I like using whitening products because they help brighten my complexion. I also like to dose my skin with a good amount of moisture because of my skin type. My skin tends to get dry if left unattended to.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Swatches of My Blush Collection - Updated with Pictures!

When I showed this picture I took of all my blushes to my boyfriend, he was like "THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME" lolol. Mini reviews below! Some are new purchases while others have been lying around in my stash. I think my collection is definitely humble, but these will satisfy me for now.

Clinique Cheek Pop in 02 Peach Pop

Peach Pop is a shimmery peach blush that gives your cheeks a gorgeous sheen in a natural shade. I use this to match coral/orange/peach lip colours. As for eye looks, this blush matches everything. It must be noted that the formulation is insanely good; somehow, it looks creamy rather than powdery on the cheeks, despite it being a powder blush. The staying power is superb as well, lasting for as long as 14 hours!

Clinique Cheek Pop in 04 Plum Pop

Plum Pop is a shimmery doll pink blush that matches well with pink lip shades. In particular, I enjoy rounding up the look with purple eyeshadow (Sketch & Satin Taupe) /eyeliner (Clio Gelpresso in Bloody Devil). Also, Plum Pop has the same formulation and lasting power as Peach Pop.

NYX Cream Blush in Hot Pink

The swatch above may seem a little scary, but only because it has not been blended out yet. When spread over the cheeks, the blush is a more muted/subdued hot pink. Am I making sense? lol. On me, it makes me look like I just ran 10km. Unfortunately, the formulation of the blush seems to clog pores and cause pimples? On days that I use it, I always notice 1 or 2 bumps on my cheeks that go away soon enough. But still...

NYX Cream Blush in Rose Petal

My FAVOURITE out of the bunch for a natural no-makeup makeup look. It is a light reddish-pink shade that looks exactly like a natural flush. The texture is amazing as well: not too oily/greasy like the Josie Maran Cheek Gelee, nor too dry and powdery like the Revlon Cream Blushes. It is, pure and simple, a cream formulation that sits comfortably on my skin. However, it has the same problem as Cream Blush in Hot Pink mentioned above: it seems to cause a minor breakout whenever I use it.

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12- hour Blush in Exposed

I've talked about Tipsy before in a separate post, so I shall not repeat myself. Exposed gives the same effect as the NYX Cream Blush in Rose Petal in that it looks uber natural. Both blushes have earned me praise from total strangers who thought that I wasn't wearing any makeup. They even told me that they thought I just had a healthy and natural flushed look! Exposed is slightly darker than Rose Petal; it is more of a dusty rose shade.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Purple Haze

Firstly, I filled my brows with MAC Concrete on a MAC 208 brush. The brush is 10x better than what I was using before - The Body Shop Eyeliner brush. It's made of natural hair, which has a stronger grip on powder thus leading to a faster and easier application. I also love that it has a shorter brush width, allowing for more precise strokes.

Using a MAC 217, I swept MAC Satin Taupe all over my mobile lid (the part directly covering the eyeballs) before layering MAC Sketch over it.

The shape formed using MAC Sketch should resemble a rhombus. I find that this complements Asian eyes more so than the technique of piling darker shades on the 'crease', which is not that obvious on us.

Then, I blended the two shadows with the same brush to eliminate harsh lines, and to meld them together more cohesively.

Next, I placed MAC Blanc Type under my brows for a subtle highlight, as well as to blend the outline of MAC Sketch and MAC Satin Taupe. I find that doing so really gives the look a more polished feel.

Lastly, I finished up with eyeliner and mascara. I am currently using Maybelline Volum' Express The Rocket, and have been really impressed with its curling abilities and staying power. The waterproof version of the same mascara is not as volumising. The L'oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim Eyeliner is just okay; it is super black and easy to maneuver, but it smudges. That's a big no-no for me.

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Pops of Colour in my MAC palette

I wanted to add some variety to my MAC palette besides just browns lol so tadaa! 

 From top to bottom: Sketch, Satin Taupe, Twinks, All that Glitters

I wanted some colour, but still needed them to be more wearable and suitable for everyday occasions. Thus, I chose those that were more toned down and not as loud. I already have tons of pink shades thanks to my Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, so I didn't bother looking for any others. From my experimentation with the NYX palette (yes, I haven't forgotten about it), I found that orange, pinks, and purples look good on me, rather than say, greens and blues.

Sketch (Velvet) is dark purple with a semi-matte texture, and matches perfectly with Satin Taupe. It is perfect on it's own as a liner shade, or as a base for my Clio Gelpresso Pencil Eyeliner in Bloody Devil.

Satin Taupe (Veluxe Pearl) is just so freaking pretty. It is a purple-taupe with gorgeous shimmer. I never knew I'd love this so much. It is super flattering, and just makes my eyes stand out. Sometimes when I'm wearing monotone ensembles, I really want colour in my accessories and my face to look more...interesting? The quality is superb as well; smooth and buttery in a way that reminds me of Urban Decay eyeshadows.

Twinks (Veluxe Pearl) is a shimmery reddish brown with slight micro-glitter in it that's barely noticeable. I have used it in the outer corner to complement All that Glitters and Arena. Something to note: even though it's a Veluxe Pearl like Satin Taupe, it's not as smooth.

All that Glitters (Veluxe Pearl) is a gorgeous peachy-orange with shimmer and golden micro-glitter. It is really similar to Arena, just its shinier and less orange cousin I guess lol. This was a shade I lusted for while swatching MAC shadows in preparation for this trip. It's a great wash of luxury all over the lids, seemingly creating an insta-glam effect. I would compare the effect of this shadow to that of Trick in my Urban Decay Naked 3, just that Trick is more pinkish.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Shimmery Lid Colours in my MAC Palette

Whoops, Satin Taupe should be here as well, since I usually use it on my lids too but I forgot to include it! Here are my favourite lid shades (Top-Bottom): Grain, Arena, and Era

I wear Era the most often, with Mystery as my liner shade. Era is a light beige-brown-taupe. LOL. It's perfect for me. I considered Soba (a light golden brown) to serve the same function of a shimmery light brown in my MAC palette, but Soba made me look sick when I tested it on my eyelids in the store.

Grain is a light peachy-beige great for adding a pop of brightness in the centre of my lid when I'm done with the rest of my eye makeup, as well as on my inner bottom corner. 

Arena is a peachy-gold that surprisingly flatters my lid, and is perfect for a natural makeup look since it's so subtle.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

NYX Butter Glosses review

The NYX Butter Glosses have really impressed me! It smells so sweet and doesn't taste weird at all. The colours I bought are all really pigmented and long-lasting as well. They even leave a slight stain when rubbed off with a tissue after meals. Best of all for my dry lips, they are uber moisturising! My lips tend to crack/peel sometimes when it get super dry, but these somehow leave my lips feeling plump and full of moisture even without any lip balm as a base.

I bought 4 shades (from left to right): Apple Strudel, Peaches and Cream, Cherry Cheescake, Peach Cobbler.

In the swatches below, the order is reversed such that Peach Cobbler is the topmost swatch and so on.

L photo: one swipe of the doe-foot applicator.

R photo: blended out.

To boot, these are SO cheap! Bought 2 in the US for $5 each, with a 50% off 2nd purchase, so it was US$7 in total. The other two I bought in Canada for CA$8 each.

I really went lip-crazy this trip, so I have a lot more lip products to blog about hehehehhehe.

Matte Neutrals in my MAC palette

From left to right: mystery, concrete, wedge, omega, blanc type

Mystery (satin) is a cool dark brown, perfect for lining the eyes with a pencil brush. I chose Mystery over Brun, which is almost identical to Mystery, but inferior in pigmentation and texture.

Concrete (satin) is really similar to mystery, but has greyish tones. I use this for my eyebrows mainly, but it looks good when matched with the cooler toned eyeshadows in my palette too.

Wedge (satin) is a warm medium brown. Unexpectedly, it looks okay on me. I initially thought it would be too orange, but it is a great blending colour for when I use warmer eyeshadow shades such as All That Glitters and Twinks.

Omega (matte) is cool light brown, with a very slight greyish tinge. It's the perfect all-over-lid shade for when I'm lazy! I love this colour so much. So far, I've used it to blend out Satin Taupe and Sketch, it works very well this way as well.

Blanc Type (matte2) is VERY impressive; so creamy, smooth and pigmented that you only need to touch it lightly with a brush to pick up colour. It's a slightly pinkish beige, perfect for highlighting and blending when I mess up. 

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

MAC 15-pan eyeshadow palette


In defense of myself, the equivalent of what I got (12 shadows and the pan itself) would have cost ~sgd$30 more if I had bought it in Singapore. hehehe.

From left to right, 
1st row: Grain, Arena, All That Glitters, Twinks
2nd row: Era, Wedge, Satin Taupe, Sketch
3rd row: Blanc Type, Omega, Concrete, Mystery

Random swatches before I get to blogging about the shadows separately: (concrete is missing, since I bought it after this)

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Tarte Smooth Operator™ Amazonian Clay Pressed Finishing Powder Review

Edit: It lasted from 11am till 10pm for me today, and I was out in the hot sun the entire time! My makeup still looked flawless and fresh by the end of the day, and there was absolutely no creasing at all too. I am in lurrrveeee!!

This is the best finishing/setting powder I've tried so far! It mattifies my skin without making me look powdery. It's certainly not visible at all. When applying it, I only saw my skin become matte, without actually seeing traces of the powder. Amazing. It also does not disturb my makeup, but maybe I'd have to credit my Real Techniques Setting brush for that. The staying power is incredible: the powder helped the concealer on my nose stay put even when i rubbed against it.

I focused on pressed variants of setting powder because of bad prior experience with loose powder. Loose powder is just so messy! The only exception is the Tarte Airbrush Foundation I've blogged about before, cus of the unique delivery system. Otherwise, I really just can't be bothered.

The picture below isn't as clear as I would have liked it to be. There is actually some (VERY LITTLE) sparkle in the powder, due to Mica being in the formulation, which translates to a very subtle glow. This effect is very similar to what the Tarte airbrush foundation does for my skin.

As for the packaging, it actually comes with a flat brush that doesn't actually fit into the compact. In any case, it's not very good. I love the mirror inside, it's just so convenient!


Formulated without parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate, gluten.

Full ingredients list: Mica, Synthetic Fluorphlogopite, Silica, Polymethyl Methacrylate, Glycerin, Kaolin, Xantham Gum, 1,2-Hexanediol, Caprylyl Glycol, Hexylene Glcol, Phenoxyethanol.

This is part of Tarte's Summer 2014 collection, which means it only came out around mid-April. So, I couldn't find much reviews of it online. Even more reason to buy it to try for myself! :P

Due to Canadian Sephora's generous exchange and return policy, I had the opportunity to really test out products in the market before I really commit to one. Hehehhehe. This trip to Vancouver, I bought the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light and the MUFE HD pressed powder and tried these two on my face as well.

I wanted to like the Hourglass one because of all the hype online, but NO. It doesn't do anything worth $52 -__- I did not notice a "glow" or a "soft-focus" look at all, just microglitter all over my face. Granted, the glitter is quite understated compared to others. But still. NOPE. As for the MUFE, it does work, but paying $41 for 100% silica.... well. NYX has a HD setting powder that's 100% pure silica too and is equally finely milled for a quarter of the price.

I also considered the Marc Jacobs one since it had double the volume (around 14g) of others, including those mentioned above. But there were bad reviews online about the staying power. I don't know.... it looked really pretty too. But since the Tarte one amazed me so much, I didn't feel as inclined to try this one out anymore.

p.s. all prices listed in Canadian dollars, since I'm in Vancouver right now.