Monday, 24 November 2014

Quick review of Inglot Freedom System 3-pan Palette

This post is so backdated, first drafted this... 2 months ago? Anyway, there you go! With closeup shots and a mini review!

Wahaha this is my only loot from JB! Went there mainly to eat seafood with my classmates so I didn't really get to shop to my heart's content :( We were only in the mall for 2 hours after our meal at a street restaurant?

From Left to Right: 463 DS, 117 R, 63 AMC

Got a 3-pan palette with mirror this time round, LOVE this set up so much for the convenience! This is my go-to palette now for a quick everyday look. I take the shimmering nude all over my lids (I love how glittery it is!), then go closer to the lash line with the browns and finish up with the black as a liner. The centre brown shade doubles up as my eyebrow colour, which makes this palette legit double-duty goodness. LURRRVE.