Monday, 24 November 2014

Quick review of Inglot Freedom System 3-pan Palette

This post is so backdated, first drafted this... 2 months ago? Anyway, there you go! With closeup shots and a mini review!

Wahaha this is my only loot from JB! Went there mainly to eat seafood with my classmates so I didn't really get to shop to my heart's content :( We were only in the mall for 2 hours after our meal at a street restaurant?

From Left to Right: 463 DS, 117 R, 63 AMC

Got a 3-pan palette with mirror this time round, LOVE this set up so much for the convenience! This is my go-to palette now for a quick everyday look. I take the shimmering nude all over my lids (I love how glittery it is!), then go closer to the lash line with the browns and finish up with the black as a liner. The centre brown shade doubles up as my eyebrow colour, which makes this palette legit double-duty goodness. LURRRVE.

MAC Lipsticks! Swatches and Review

Got sucked into a dangerous addiction a few months ago. Started with 1 and now.... I have 4. They're 30 a pop, so it's quite an uh investment. lol. Especially since I'll be going to Korea soon, and have no legit reason to buy any makeup before I go crazy there. BUT WHATEVER OKAY. Here they are:

Swatch Set 1 (from Top to Bottom): Lickable, Fanfare, Chatterbox, Brave Red.

Swatch Set 2, from a slightly different angle
First of all, I am super tanned now after my diving trip (LOL okay in comparison to my previous skintone, not other people okay. I'm still the fairest wherever I go, somehow), with my arms disproportionately darker than my face haha I look like a mess. 

On to the lipsticks review! 

I swatched each lipstick twice; the one on top is with multiple swipes, and the one on the bottom is 1 swipe. In the order from top to bottom:

Lickable (cremesheen): my very first MAC lipstick. Out of the 4 shades I got, I like this one the most. I got a slight panic attack after I recalled that I have a Revlon Colourburst lipbalm stain that's REALLY similar in colour to this, but heh, after swatching them side by side, the difference was still big enough to justify this purchase, so all's well. It's so so perfect as a perk me up colour! Really creamy, yet stays for at least 4 hours I SWEAR, and fades to leave an even stain. This impressed me so much that I went on to get...
Fanfare (cremesheen): wanted this as a MLBB kinda thing, you know, on days that I just need to look alive and not look too made up. This is the colour I go to when I want to look as make up free as I can get away with. Was rather disappointed with the texture of this though, it's definitely the less creamy out of the 4 I've got, despite it being a cremesheen formula. Tbh, it highlights how dry my lips are! I definitely have to load up on lip balm before I feel it's safe to apply this.
Chatterbox (amplified): This is the one that made me swear to not get another lipstick until... after Korea at least! This is a rather barbie pink kinda shade, for days that I feel especially girly heh. I LOVE the formula, it's so freaking intensely pigmented and flattering on the lips to boot. 
Brave Red (cremesheen): Then a Sephora 30% off sale swung by, and I got enticed by this gorgeous red. My first ever red lipstick! It's not bright, attention-grabbing, but rather, a more...understated red? It leans pink. Think less hooker, and more sophisticated. Definitely wearable. The formula wore perfectly on my lips as well, no complaints here!
In order of preference, I think I would go with Lickable > Chatterbox > Brave Red > Fanfare. That said, I do like all of them!!!! My expensive babies!!!